Pharma Business Intelligence & Prospecting Tools

Business Class Professional (BCP) delivers a comprehensive view into drug, biologics and combination product development and innovation worldwide, and a complete perspective of the competitive market landscape. With an intuitive search interface and easy to use apps, BCP examines more than 140,000 pipeline programs and products and the business portfolios and transactions of 15,000 companies.

Business Class Professional provides:

  • Company Capabilities Profiles
  • Pipeline & Products Intelligence
  • Business Prospecting Tools
  • Key Product Sales & Forecasts
  • Strategic Deals Analysis
  • Venture Capital Investment Tracking
  • Trial Landscape Insights
  • News & Insights
  • Watch list and Saved Search Applications
  • CMOCRO Explorer (Pharmaceutical Supplier Partnering Search Tool)

Be the first to recognize new opportunities and seize the competitive advantage. BCP provides the necessary tools to streamline pipeline and market research, and equip you with the actionable insights needed to make strategic decisions.

Pharma Business Intelligence & Prospecting Tools

Business Class Elite (BCE) builds upon and expands the core content and functionality of Business Class Professional, adding powerful apps and research tools.

Business Class Elite provides:

  • Patent Exclusivity Trackers
  • API Source/Manufacturer Locator
  • Drug Delivery Technology Analyzer
  • Label Comparison Tools
  • Development Timeline Application
  • Paragraph IV Filing & Case Tracker
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis Application
  • Merger & Acquisition Simulation Tool

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The Difference is in the Details

Developed and supported by a global team of analysts, PharmaCircle Premium Solution delivers seamless integration of development, clinical, safety, regulatory, manufacturing and commercial content into one online source.

Key content and capabilities include:

  • Company Capabilities Profiles
  • Pipeline & Products Intelligence
  • Physical chemical and pharmacokinetic data
  • Formulation and component details, including excipient amounts
  • Drug Delivery Technology and Device Analysis
  • Patent Exclusivity Tracking
  • Supply Chain Explorer (API, FDF and CMOCRO Search Tools)
  • Business Prospecting Tools
  • Trial Landscape Insights
  • Key Product Sales & Forecasts
  • Strategic Deals Analysis
  • Venture Capital Investment Tracking
  • R&D Cost/Spend Data for individual product/pipeline programs
  • Regulatory Approvals Documents Archive back to the 1990s
  • Drug Label Database & Label Comparison Tools
  • Weekly Formulation & Drug Delivery Newsletter

PharmaCircle Premium Solution provides the instant analytics on product, company and indication related details, and formulation and drug delivery technology analyses needed to answer challenging questions so you can uncover new opportunities and make informed decisions.


PharmaCircle's expert Drug Delivery technology analysis helps you select the right technology and delivery device solution for your projects.

Expert Reviews deliver complete assessments:

  • Oral Insoluble Drugs Increased Absorption
  • Rapidly Disintegrating Formulations
  • Oral Modified Release
  • Oral Peptide/Protein/Macromolecule
  • Skin
  • Injectable Targeted
  • Needle Free Injectors
  • Injectable Depot
  • NP liposome
  • Taste Masking
  • Nucleic Acid Delivery
  • Inhalation
  • Ophthalmic
  • Injection Systems
  • Brain
  • Transmucosal
  • Abuse Resistant, Oral
  • Infusion Pumps
drug delivery technology reports

50+ Compare & Contrast Tables in every major Drug Delivery category steamline research, saving time and resources.

drug delivery technology reports


Veterinary Market Explorer includes veterinary/animal health approvals information and parsed label content that allow for product attribute searches by species, routes, dosage forms, packaging, excipients, patent exclusivity, and much more.

Key markets include:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • European Union
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

This companion module when combined with PharmaCircle Premium Solution will help you to identify new veterinary product ideas, investigate new excipients, and review a range of drug delivery technologies that may have crossover value between animal and human health.