The Weekly Brief

Ocular Drug Delivery Technologies 

PharmaCircle’s short report takes a look at drug delivery and formulation technologies targeted to ophthalmological applications. With some 1,500 products approved or in development and several blockbuster products, this disease sector represents a significant business opportunity. Despite this, drug delivery and formulation technology uptake has been much slower than has been seen in other areas. Sometimes good enough is exactly that.

The report can be accessed through this link.

 Novo Nordisk’s Emisphere Acquisition – Quick Take

The announcement that Emisphere had accepted an acquisition offer from Novo Nordisk came as a surprise in November, but it makes sense for both parties. Our Quick Take on the acquisition is available through this link or by clicking the graphic below.

Short Report – Oral Peptide Products, Pipeline and Technologies

The recent Novo Nordisk acquisition of Emisphere raises the question about the oral peptide sector in terms of approved products, the pipeline, and the supporting delivery technologies. 

This PharmaCircle Short Report provides an overview that can serve as a starting point for a deeper dive into the more detailed information available at PharmaCircle.

The Short Report is available through this link or by clicking the report cover page graphic below.