Management Team


President and Founder
Short BioBefore founding PharmaCircle in 2003 Tugrul's industry experience includes 18 years at Searle/Pharmacia where he was involved with pharmaceutics, product development and drug delivery activities. As chairman of the Global Drug Delivery Technology Team he was responsible for the identification, planning and execution of the drug delivery technology strategies for marketed and development product. Tugrul earned his Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the University of Florida and an MBA from DePaul University.


Vice President
Short BioKurt is responsible for customer service and the PharmaCircle formulation and drug delivery databases. Kurt received his B.S. in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point in 1992. Prior to joining PharmaCircle in 2003, Kurt held various positions and responsibilities within Pharmaceutical Sciences and Analytical Development departments at Searle/Pharmacia.

Thomas C. DePaul Thomas C. DEPAUL

Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Short BioAs a member of PharmaCircle's leadership team, Tom heads commercial operations and is responsible for global business development. Tom has over 20 years of information industry experience. Prior to joining PharmaCircle, Tom held senior sales management roles with GBI Health and Elsevier Business Intelligence and helped launch several online publications and databases covering the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Tom received his Master of International Management from the University of Maryland.

Yasemin Sahin Yasemin SAHIN

IT Head
Short BioYasemin is the Head of the IT Team. Yasemin received her B.S. in Computer Engineering from the METU in 2005.

Ilter Tolga Dogan Ilter Tolga DOGAN

Software Project Manager
Short BioIlter Tolga received his B.S. in Computer Engineering from METU in 2002.

Welcome to PharmaCircle

PharmaCircle is a knowledge management company providing biopharmaceutical companies with comprehensive product and business related information.

PharmaCircle databases provide global coverage of business, research, development, regulatory and formulation science. Our clients include most of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies as well as numerous commercial and emerging stage biopharrnaceutical companies and suppliers.

What makes PharmaCircle different?

PharmaCircle does more than simply provide a compilation of pharmaceutical product, pipeline and business information. Using its proprietary information technology know-how PharmaCircle deconstruct: industry information and public databases to permit unique search possibilities that can yield insights not otherwise possible.

In addition PharmaCircle digs more deeply into the available information to provide mission critical data that can be searched and compared. An example is the company's approach to US and foreign regulatory databases. By recompiling these databases, and providing English translation as necessary, PharmaCircle makes the information in these databases fully searchable at a level not otherwise possible. This approach of extracting and recompiling data provides companies with prospect of 'mining' data to an extent not considered possible or practical.

PharmaCircle provides information valuable to all company departments. PharmaCircle is much more than a business-only database that captures sales, deals and pipelines for competitive analyses and business plan preparation. The PharmaCircle data digs deep into R&D information that is can help to research and formulation teams as well as clinical and regulatory groups. The Drug Delivery and Formulation databases are best-in-class, and the clinical and regulatory databases slice and dice publically available information in ways that were not considered possible.

Give us a call to see how we can make a difference in how you do business, develop products and generate sales. And our customer service is second to none.